Develop personally and expand your awareness to live blissfully in a state of compassion and integrity.


Unite with your inner wisdom and hear the beautiful messages of truth from your soul.


Create a wonderful passionate life driven by meaning and purpose.

About Kelly Chamchuk

KellyEverybody has a beautiful story, it’s what makes us unique individuals and builds our connections with each other. My story begins with a very happy childhood turned upside down with the loss of my Mother at an early age. That changed the entire dynamics of the family and altered my life and future.

What is Soul Coaching®?

home-soulSoul Coaching® is an empowering process that anyone of any age can do. During the process you have the opportunity to connect with your spiritual source and find deeper meaning, purpose and add ceremony and sacredness to your everyday life.

Programs & Workshops

home-workshopsKelly offers a variety of workshops, from Soul Coaching® to Spirit Stick workshops, Interior Alignment®, Gateway Dreaming, Past Life Journeys, and more. Learn which one is right for you and start your journey.